What is it?

Trolley Bags are the reusable bag system have revolutionised the supermarket experience!

4 step instruction
The system of four different sized bags are connected together with Velcro along integrated rails, and can be easily racked open and upright in the shopping trolley for maximum convenience during your supermarket shop. Gone are the days of ripped carrier bags, and trying to frantically pack shopping with one hand whilst keeping flimsy reusable bags open with the other, Trolley bags allow you to pack and sort your groceries with 2 hands as they are scanned through the checkout, halving the time it takes at the supermarket till.

If you’re a shopper who now chooses the quicker ‘scan as you shop’ method in our supermarkets, Trolley Bags can be racked into the trolley as you enter the store, and will remain open and upright for the duration allowing you to pack your shopping into the appropriate bags as you scan your items throughout the store. No more mixing your vegetables with washing up liquid, as the neat colour coded system creates a filing cabinet like system within the trolley for your shopping.

We are all affected by the carrier bag charge, and I am sure that many of you have brought a million and one reusable bags. But how reusable are these if they get thrown in the back of the cupboard and forgotten, only for the need to buy more on the next trip! Trolley Bags are the answer here. Halve the time at the supermarket checkout, organise your shopping the way you like it, and never have to worry about buying a carrier bag again! Trolley Bags roll up into one smart parcel, which can sit neatly in the boot of your car ready for your supermarket shop! You’ll never forget to take them into store, because once you shop with Trolley Bags once, you’ll wonder how you ever went without them for so long. They really do make packing a breeze!

But I use a shallow trolley we hear you cry. Trolley Bags are now available in two sizes as well as different colours, so there’s a set for everyone! Trolley Bags Original for deeper trolleys and Trolley Bags Express for shallow Trolleys, with both size sets available in bright vibe or pastel shades!


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