These are ours, what are yours?

We here at Trolley Bags have our own top tips to a stress free supermarket trip with Trolley Bags, but we would love to hear yours!

  1. Just one thing to remember – 4 bags neatly rolled into a carry-able parcel to take into store!
  1. A flexible option for different sized shops – take just one or two for smaller shops and all four when you’re going to fill a whole trolley! 
  1. Be a trend setter in your local store – shopping with Trolley Bags makes our customers the envy amongst the supermarket aisles
  1. Makes shopping faster – especially when combined with scan as you shop!
  1. A calm packing experience – at the same speed as speedy cashiers who are throwing your food shop through the checkout at high speed!
  1. Organise and pack your food shopping, according to your requirements – A different coloured bag for each food group – frozen, meat, vegetables and groceries!
  1. No more worries of splitting carrier bags – tested to hold 15kg each, they’re strong and durable.
  1. Super practical – just 4 bags to carry into the house, rather than countless carrier bags… and without the ‘plastic bag finger squeeze’ issue
  1. Helps organise you and you’re shopping as you go – so it’s even easier to unpack into cupboards in the kitchen.
  1. The real meaning of ‘bags for life’ – washable, durable and more uses than just the food shop!


Send us your top tips for Trolley Bag Shopping Bliss!

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