Smaller Shopper?

70% off trolleys in the supermarket are shallow trolleys as more and more customers shop more frequently throughout the week instead of one larger shop.

If you are a convenience shopper doing more frequent but smaller shops, or if you find yourself popping into the shops for a ‘top-up’ every week, or even if you only shop for 1/2, we have a solution for you! Trolley Bags Express Vibe and Pastel are now available for purchase from!
TB002 FullTB004 full
Designed specifically for shallow trolleys, these sets of bags are shorter in length making them even easier to use and lift out of the trolley. Perfect for smaller shops, and those of you who don’t use the large deep trolleys.

Just like the Originals, when you are done roll up and put back into the boot of the car, and never get caught short for bags again in the supermarket – because really when is is only bread and milk?

2 thoughts on “Smaller Shopper?

  1. Can I buy them in Ireland shops or are they only available from England

    1. Hi There, Thanks for the comment. The only place to buy from our full range of products in Ireland is from this website, for delivery straight to your door!

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