”I think its love”

If you share the feeling of dread when it’s time to head off to do your food shop, Trolley Bags are the answer, and this blog post might just prove it!

So we have been cutting down on plastic bags for a while, but really how reusable are the bags we have been replacing them with! This point well proven here ‘’we have about 50 bags and we keep forgetting to bring them with us!’’  We think that Trolley Bags are the answer to all shopping bag nightmares!

What could be simpler than 4 bags that roll up neatly into 1 bundle that fit perfectly into supermarket trollies? Well, not much. ‘’Trolley Bags never leave the car now. I can’t risk forgetting them and going back to shopping bag hell!’’ is a sentiment that we see echoed with most of our Trolley Bag shoppers!

omg its a girl 1     omg its a girl 3

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