Are you part of the Trolley Bags Club?

Trolley Bags Club

We have loads of happy Trolley Bags shoppers.
We like to keep all of our wonderful Trolley Bag shoppers up to date with all of the latest news as well as exclusive offers as part of our Trolley Bags Club!

We love to keep in touch with our customers and make sure that they are the first to know of new products and any offers that might be coming up. We also love for our customers to keep in contact with us sending us their photos and stories.

Building a great Trolley Bags community.

You can sign up here :  Trolley Bags Club 

If you aren’t already part of the club, why don’t you join them and buy yourself a set, revolutionise the way you pack your weekly shop!

2 thoughts on “Are you part of the Trolley Bags Club?

  1. Looking forward to trying the bags out.

  2. Looking forward to shopping becoming easier. I have tried to get these several times but they have been out of stock and I had given up. Was delighted to come across the promotion video today.

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